The afternoon of Thursday, 26th September brought much creativity to the Year Two classrooms. With the help of a family member, the children were set the task of making a Tudor house, using only the paper templates and nets given. With a little support, they cut, folded, glued and decorated their house in true Tudor fashion. The children have been learning all about the Great Fire of London and this was a perfect opportunity to practise resilience and confidence (part of our LJS Mission) within the remit of ‘design a Tudor House’.

It was a wonderful afternoon where the entire Year 2 community could come together to celebrate the learning so far. We were privileged to have parents, grandparents and even great grandparents join us! The collaboration between families, working together and sharing ideas, makes it clear to us how fortunate we are to have such a fabulous community where the love of learning is key.

The ingenuity of houses added to the afternoon, where we saw a range of mediums being used to create the most wonderful Tudor examples. Some chose to decorate freely using paint and others measured each line meticulously with a ruler to create the most detailed home. We saw children adding doors that could be opened and some even had their very own Samuel Pepys hiding inside. If you are able, please do take a walk down the Year 2 corridor, and you will feel you have been transported back in time to 1666.