Music helps the body and mind work together and plays a pivotal part of daily life at LJS. In young children particularly, it aids their development in learning sound and meanings of words. Skills such as co-ordination and teamwork improve and pupils benefit from the sheer joy and positivity that music brings to their day.

In the 2021-2022 academic year, 224 instrumental lesson per week. Instrument types played by LJS children















Learning at the Right Pace for Each Child

The benefits of music are endless, from the motor skills and self-expression in our youngest children through to the confidence given by performing that comes from Year 1 onwards. In Reception, children love to sing and move to different musical genres, exploring a range of instruments and the different sounds they can produce. In Year 1, pupils begin to perform through song, dance and acting, building confidence and developing new talents and passions. All our pupils learn either the violin, viola or cello from Year 2, with the Year 2 strings performance being one of the highlights of the musical year.

Developing Specialisms

Years 3 and 4 develop their understanding of other tuned instruments, recognising and understanding musical notation, which often feeds into individual tuition for brass and woodwind. Senior pupils are encouraged to take up further instruments, including brass and woodwind and by Years 5 and 6, pupils take on project work including the foundations of composing their own pieces. Our Director of Music is supported by a wide range of Visiting Music Teachers specialising in voice, strings, percussion, brass, woodwind, guitar, piano and more.

Music and Performance for All

We believe in music for all and that music should involve regular collaboration and celebration. Pupils are encouraged to participate in choirs, ensembles, quartets and orchestras which run both at lunch-times as well as after School. Performance opportunities are plentiful, including productions and concerts, House music competitions, weekly assemblies, informal come and play opportunities, community concerts and workshops with local schools. We strive to develop a life-long love of music for all our pupils and we are immensely proud of our representation in the National Children’s Orchestra and of all the Music Exhibitions and Scholarships our pupils gain to both Oundle and other Senior Schools.

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