We believe assessment should never inhibit a child to be successful; rather it should be about helping us analyse what is happening in every individual pupil’s learning at any given point and enabling us to tailor our teaching accordingly.

Informally in every lesson and activity, teachers build upon their understanding of each child’s strengths and next steps, adapting future planning to take account of these factors. We pride ourselves in ensuring that each child receives precisely the support and challenge they need to make the best progress possible, with teachers using digital software to work on individual objectives over the course of the year.

Formally, our pupils are assessed three times a year. In October, children in Years 3 to 6 undertake our Cognitive Ability Tests (CATs), which look at verbal, non-verbal, number and spatial reasoning. These results are fed back into the teaching learning process, helping us to identify the different ways children learn and how lessons can be best adapted to support this. In December and May, we assess the progress of all children through both online and written standardised assessments within Reading, Writing, English and Maths. The subsequent outcomes also feed into our teaching and learning across the curriculum.

All assessment is undertaken in a supportive environment and is designed to promote bravery and confidence. Through our approach we are able to build a full picture of each child’s learning journey and ensure that our children are confident learners who work alongside teachers to recognise and celebrate their strengths whilst identifying actions needed to make further progress.

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