A Staggered Approach

Our approach begins in Reception when children take home weekly reading books to share with their families as well as phonics activities to support the development of speech and language taking place in class. As pupils move through each year group, the expectations for homework and prep grow appropriately at a pace to suit each child. Children are encouraged to investigate, experiment and research topics across the curriculum, as well as engage with both written and online activities to consolidate and challenge their learning.

For our older children particularly, homework becomes a part of their preparation for senior school as it is crucial they learn to cope with the challenges of time-keeping and organisation that will be so important in their future lives. The length and frequency of their homework increases over the course of Year 5 and, as they enter Year 6, the children will have one prep a night, lasting about 30 minutes.

Creating Independent Learners

Homework also provides an opportunity for our teachers to set exciting projects and assess understanding of tasks completed independently. It helps chart the development of children’s interests and passions, ensuring these can be furthered in class as well as highlighting where further support may be needed. Above all, the key to effective home learning is to ensure that it is targeted, based on current classwork and can be completed with a good level of independence. We expect our children to work hard at their homework and want them to feel a sense of pride each time they hand in a piece of work.

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