Reception and Year 1£3,360 £10,080
Years 2 & 3£4,120 £12,360
Years 4, 5 & 6£4,880 £14,640

Included in all tuition fees are:

  • lunches
  • educational support as needed
  • many of our extra-curricular clubs

Extras include educational visits, individual music lessons and any sundries e.g. House t-shirts or DVDs of concerts and productions.

There are three ways to pay the fees:

  • Three times a year
    Fees will be taken by Direct Debit just prior to the start of the new term; Michaelmas, Lent and Summer.
  • Fees in advance
    If preferred, fees may be paid by lump sum to cover future years. Should you choose to pay in this way, any discount gained on the capital sum is tax free. For more information please call the Bursary Team, on 01832 273434 or by email billing@oundleschool.org.uk
  • School Fees Plan – monthly
    ​The fees may be split equally over 12 months by signing up to the School Fees Plan. This option does incur a % fee. For more details contact the Bursary office, on 01832 273434 or by email billing@oundleschool.org.uk

Insurance Schemes

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