Each year the School Council decides on a charity to support. With the support of our Parents’ and Friends’ Association the School actively raises money to support its chosen charity.

Each house supports a charitable cause, decided upon each year through House meetings. Fund-raising takes place throughout the year, with money split between the House charity, the School charity and a small percentage allocated to PFA funds.

At the end of every Christmas and Lent terms we have special services in Oundle School Chapel and the end of service collection is split between School’s chosen charity and our local church, St Peter’s, Oundle.


Our year is filled with opportunity for celebration and giving. This includes our harvest celebrations, the poppy appeal and Children in Need. Our children are proactive and become socially aware, wanting to support charity events.

All children across KS2 are able – and encouraged – to put in a request to organise a charity event in School. With the support of adults, the pupils choose a charity, plan the activities and organise the event. Through this, they develop key skills in planning and organising an event but their main focus is always to support a charity close to their hearts. The events are fun and the whole school supports them on the day.