On Saturday 20th April, LJS opened its gates to our community and some of its four-legged furry friends as we hosted our first ever dog show on Cheatle Field!

Fluffy, who won ‘Dog the Judge Would Most Like to Take Home’ also came away as ‘Champion of the Show’!



We had happy hounds running, jumping, weaving and crawling through the agility and steeplechase courses whilst others competed in the main ring for Best Puppy, Best Child Handler, Most Handsome Dog, Dog Most Like Its Owner, Veteran Dog, Prettiest Bitch, Best Sporting Dog, Best Cross Breed, Dog The Judge Would Most Like To Take Home, and Champion Of The Show!







The event was supported by professional trainers and dog show experts Sally Parkins, Hilary Mears and Angie Douglas-Hamilton as well as Oundle Veterinary Surgery who provided workshops on how to bandage sore paws and even let us listen to our pup’s heartbeats!

Staff also enjoyed the opportunity to share their furry friends with the community; Mrs Waller brought her gorgeous pup, Clover to the show!


The key purpose of the Dog Show was to support our local community and we are incredibly proud to share that a total of £703 was raised. All money raised at this event went to the Stamford and Oundle Foodbank – a crucial charity that provides three days’ worth of nutritionally balanced emergency food and support to those in crisis.

The Community Kids did a superb job running stalls and entertaining the guests


The event was planned, organised and hosted by our Community Kids Club members: Catrin, Lila, Immy, Eloise, Ella, Olivia, Minahil and Annabel who all did a superb job and were supported by Mrs Humphreys and Miss Haynes! The team provided plenty of baked treats for humans as well as providing plenty of delicious snacks for the dogs.

Overall, our first ever LJS Community Dog Show was a hit and we certainly hope it won’t be the last one we host!