Respecting Every Child

We believe that children learn best when they are at their happiest and in an environment in which they are safe, cared for and valued. This is what we strive every day to create for all the children entrusted to us.

LJS is a school where each person’s voice is respected and where every child is viewed as unique, competent and capable. We believe that every child can be successful and that everything we do should support a child not just to be, but to feel, successful. Building resilience and perseverance in these formative years of a child’s education helps create a protective force against adversities and challenges they will no doubt face as they go through senior school and life in general. We believe in supporting and building mental health from the earliest possible age, whether that be finding ways to help a four year old child in Reception express feelings or helping a Year Six pupil deal with stress or perceived failure. 

“My teacher is really caring; if you have a problem she wants to hear about it and you can tell anything to her and she won’t mind.”
Vedika, Year 6

Supportive Relationships

Within our staff we have a highly experienced pastoral care team, as well as our Form Teachers and Teaching Assistants who will always be the first port of call for children’s wellbeing and who pick up on, and respond to any kind of concern quickly and supportively. We are proud to be renowned for the strong and positive relationships our staff have both with children and their families. This naturally promotes a mutually respectful and trusting partnership between home and school, benefitting children’s wellbeing and learning. We also have established networks of support outside the School for any family or child needing further specialist help. 

"My friends and my teachers always support me and I feel really safe here.”
Jack, Year 5


Developing a positive sense of wellbeing has a deeply valued place within our curriculum. It is taught explicitly through our PSHE lessons and whole school assemblies, supported by a broader focus on our values. Our Wellbeing Mentor leads mindfulness sessions across all year groups, encouraging children to recognise their current mental, emotional and physical state, and to use this to develop a positive and fruitful approach to the challenges of life both at School and beyond.  

Care for Each Other

We consider it a source of great pride that one the most powerful forms of support for wellbeing at LJS comes from the children themselves. They care deeply about each other and they enjoy being in the company of their friends, classmates and others from all year groups. Together they provide a fantastic support network that helps ensure every child is able to turn to those around them when they meet difficulties or, as is also profoundly important, wish to celebrate their successes.

“I help look after the younger children because they really enjoy playing with you when you do this.”
Freddie, Year 6

Happiness Matters

Children learn best when they are happy and content and our environment reflecting this is one of the greatest characteristics of LJS. Smiles and laughter permeate through our walls from drop off to pick up and the sound of fun resonates in every lesson and every activity. Our children love exploring new opportunities and throw themselves into School life with gusto. It is a privilege to be an intrinsic part of their development and to watch them discover new passions and talents.

Kindness and Respect

We encourage our children to be kind and polite and in turn, they reward us with good manners and a wonderfully respectful culture throughout LJS. We believe in establishing strong relationships with parents in order to help set consistent boundaries and expectations both at home and at School, forming the basis of good understanding and communication.

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