The Griffin Club

LJS is open from 7.30am right through to 6pm, with care both before and after school provided through our popular Griffin Club. Run by LJS staff, the Griffin Club provides a caring and happy environment for children of all ages, from Reception right through to Year 6.

Morning sessions run from 7.30am until 8.15am and include a healthy breakfast. Afternoon sessions run from either 3.45pm to 5.00pm (early session), 4.45pm to 6pm (late session) or 3.45pm to 6pm (full session). These timings are designed to accommodate our after-school activity programme so that children can take part in clubs and then attend Griffin Club. All afternoon sessions include a light tea of sandwiches, wraps, pasta and other dishes of this sort, ensuring that families do not have to worry about dinner when they return home.

All information on Griffin Club can be found in our policy here.


Our Activities and Prep

During Griffin Club, activities are set up that enable children to continue their learning, engage with friends and staff, have fun or simply wind down after a busy day at School. Children are welcome to complete homework independently whilst at Griffin Club.  Should children want support with homework, we also run a Prep Club each day after School, aside from Friday afternoons, and many of our pupils will attend this either a couple of times a week or for an hour before going on to Griffin Club. This enables our pupils to complete their homework during the School day, allowing for home time to be free from prep as much as possible.


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