Every Child is Capable

We believe that every child is capable of making exceptional progress across and beyond the curriculum. It is one of our greatest strengths that we give children the challenge and support they need in order to develop and, in doing so, they feel valued, understood and proud of their place within LJS.

Our Educational Support Team

We understand that each pupil learns differently and, with our support, will make progress at a pace that is right for him or her. For some children, additional learning support is needed, either to help them through a tricky patch or on a longer-term basis addressing specific issues. Where required, our Learning Support department offers children across all year groups extra help in succeeding in all aspects of their learning, regardless of the challenges that they face along the way. We have highly qualified learning support teachers who work with pupils through a variety of approaches, including individually tailored one-to-ones, small group sessions or within the classroom as part of timetabled lessons.

Communication with Parents

In some cases, parents will be aware that support is needed, but in others, it may become apparent that pupils are not making the progress we believe they are capable of. If this is the case, our teachers will talk to parents and involve our Learning Support department who will conduct an in-house assessment. This helps identify any barriers a child may be facing and enables Learning Support to make the most suitable recommendations. We will always advise parents of the best possible approach for their child, including further support from external professional agencies if required.

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