Over the course of Year 5 and 6, they grow in independence and confidence, tackling a much broader range of learning opportunities that provide an excellent test of the resilience that the younger years have been gradually building in them. Preparation for senior school becomes increasingly important, in this phase, as does being role models for children across the school, leading by example and supporting those around them with a caring and inspiring approach.

Our Curriculum

As the 4 to 11 phase of Oundle School, we are in a position to offer greater depth in Year 5 and 6 as well as a smooth transition into the Year 7 curriculum due to the support of the senior school. Latin is introduced in Year 6 and taught by Oundle School staff, and opportunities to develop an understanding of science, technology and engineering, in both year groups, are greatly enhanced by taking learning to Oundle’s Sci-Tec and the Patrick Engineering Centre.

Visiting authors, scientists and mathematicians, amongst others, inspire our children in new directions and ensure that the academic curriculum provides an enriching experience. Through the teaching and learning that occurs in Year 5 and 6, every child is fully prepared for their senior school of choice.

Developing Ownership and Leadership

It is important that our Year 5 and 6 children develop an ownership of their learning, recognising their strengths and talents, and identifying where they will need to work hard and seek support to address their areas for development. Our expectations of our oldest children are extremely high and, in Year 5 and 6, we ask that they approach their learning with curiosity, confidence and commitment.

In Year 6, we promote and encourage leadership through positions of responsibility and regular opportunities to support younger children.
Whether it is being Head of School, House or Sports Captain, leading the School Council, or being a break time monitor, the expectation of our children is that they lead by example and work hard to encourage those that look up to them to approach school life in the same way as they do. Indeed, all Year 6 children buddy up with a Reception child at lunchtime, and this partnership allows the younger child to learn table manners, dinner table conversation and make new friends with those at the top of the school.

Opportunities Beyond the Classroom

The Year 5 and 6 experience is full of vibrant opportunity to engage with learning and adventure across the UK and beyond. Trips to art galleries, theatres, museums, rivers and beaches ensure that learning is not confined to the classroom. Outdoor adventure is embraced on hiking and climbing trips to the Peak District, canoeing on the River Nene, skiing in the Alps and on the one-week Year 5 residential trip to Wales. Year 6, meanwhile, spend a week away from school, developing their French, on the north coast of France.

Encouraging Mastery

We have a Mastery approach to teaching and learning at LJS, which means we believe that every single child is capable of success and that nothing should inhibit their ability to achieve it. Our environment is supportive and encouraging, and we pride ourselves on maintaining a flexible curriculum to ensure that at any given time, every single child is being challenged appropriately, inspiringly and above all, successfully.

"We take preparation for senior school, whatever that school may be, seriously and pride ourselves in ensuring that every child is ready academically and pastorally for this next step."
Mrs Sumitha Hill, Assistant Head Academic

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