Links with Oundle School continue to be strengthened year on year. Pupils benefit greatly from the extended facilities of the senior school, including opportunities afforded within the renowned STEM facility of SciTec and also through the Sports MasterPlan which has seen the upgrading of sports facilities across the board. Subject leaders at LJS connect with colleagues at Oundle School to create deep and meaningful subject links and exciting opportunities for children. 

Oundle staff and pupils provide exciting after school language clubs in Spanish, Chinese, Arabic and Latin. Through the Oundle School Community Action programme, many Oundelians come to LJS on a weekly basis to support learning in a range of lessons and activities, providing the Schools’ youngest children with the best possible role models. Many of these pupils were at LJS before moving up to Oundle and actively choose to keep in touch with LJS and their former teachers through these links. 


As an integral part of Oundle School, LJS plays a central role in the School’s ‘Project 24’. Aimed at securing the long-term success of our School for all pupils, from the four-year-old joining Reception at Laxton Junior School to the eighteen-year-old preparing for life beyond Oundle, Project 24 celebrates our profound belief in co-education and in guiding our children’s development.

pROJECT 24: Investing in our Future

"Laxton Junior School was an amazing experience for me and my two brothers. It taught me a lot and definitely prepared me for my future at Oundle School. I think that the fact that four out of the last six Heads of School have all come from LJS is a testament to how great a school it is."
Marcus, (Head Boy, Oundle School 2019/2020)

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