Above all, our House system promotes a sense of friendly competition that enhances children’s understanding of how to win and lose in the right way.

All pupils, from Reception to Year 6, are a member of a House, as indeed are all teachers. Pupils actively participate in a variety of competitive and worthwhile activities in the name of their House and proudly wear the badge of their House colour on their blazers. House points are awarded throughout the year for outstanding work and behaviour, in numerous competitions across all aspects of School life as well as for sporting endeavours such as cross country, sports day, swimming galas and termly House matches. The House with the most points is awarded the Faulkner Cup for Best House at Speech Day.

The Year 6 House Captains have the responsibility of leading their House during the year. This will range from picking sports teams, to encouraging and supporting their House mates in all undertakings, to organising charity events throughout the year. Each House selects its own charity to support on an annual basis, with children encouraged to choose causes that are personal to them. The House Captain’s role culminates in an end of year speech at our annual Speech Day, celebrating efforts, achievements and lessons learned.

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