We pride ourselves on a wide and varied extra-curricular programme that is designed to extend and enhance the children’s learning, as well as allowing them time to widen their horizons and take time out of their normal routines.

Led by our own staff or by appropriately qualified and experienced experts, we are firm in our belief that after school activities should provide children with opportunities to learn new skills, practise existing skills and explore. Catering for all age-groups and as many interests as possible, the programme varies from term to term.

Activities on Offer

These range from:
Karate, yoga, canoeing, climbing, sewing, watercolours, flower arranging, cookery, archery, tennis, rugby, football, hockey, netball, cricket, rounders, woodland activities, debating, STEM, chess, mindfulness, colouring, construction, Scottish Country Dancing and Prep club (for KS2 only).

We also offer modern language clubs provided by staff and pupils from Oundle School, including Chinese, German and Spanish.  Other clubs in conjunction with Oundle include Classics and Latin.

"I enjoyed the vast variety of extra-curricular activities that were on offer to me and I found that this opened my eyes to new ways of learning and new found enjoyments that I could continue in my later studies."
Marcus (Upper Sixth Pupil and Head Boy, Oundle School)

All Inclusive Fees Where Possible

Most activities are included in the termly fees but where activities are run by external providers or require specific equipment, a termly charge, made clear in the information that is sent out prior to signing up, is applicable. We ask that children commit to their chosen activities for a term at a time. External providers are approved by the School.

Musical Activities

These take place at lunchtimes. There are ensembles for brass, woodwind, strings and percussion, as well as several choirs and music theory groups. There are regular opportunities for young musicians to practise their performance skills in the popular ‘Come and Play’ sessions. These provide an opportunity to perform in front of just a few pupils and staff to build confidence and appreciate each other’s work.