Children learn best when they feel cared for, secure and valued as an individual. Our children will face many challenges as they take their next steps into senior school and, indeed, into the world that lies beyond. It is our responsibility to ensure that they are able to overcome each hurdle and do so with resolute determination and self-confidence.

Our five core values are our guiding principles, shaping both our behaviours as a school community and our decisions. Our mission encourages children to develop key characteristics that will set them up for life. Our strategic objectives enable us to achieve our mission, ensuring we focus continually on providing an education of the highest class, both now and into the future.

Our Core Values

Love of Learning

We happily take risks and overcome challenges together, united by a shared motivation to acquire, share and celebrate new knowledge, skills, ideas and expertise.


We promote positive participation in a wide variety of events and activities, and the development of passions and talents that will last a lifetime.


We care for each other, ourselves, the community in which we live and learn, and the world around us.


We support, contribute to and are inspired by our community, with involvement both encouraged and appreciated.


We have the highest expectations of ourselves and each other in everything we do.

"Pupils rationalise that the school’s emphasis on values and the overt celebration of those who espouse those values, helps them to develop a strong moral compass and sense of duty of care for others."
Independent Schools Inspectorate Report, June 2022

Our Mission

Driven by our values, our mission is to prepare all Laxton Junior School children for both their chosen senior school and the life that lies beyond. This preparation develops in them a series of essential characteristics that we believe will enable them to thrive in whichever direction they wish their lives to take. Indeed, we want our children to be:

Confident and Resilient

Where a love of learning ensures challenges are embraced and obstacles are overcome.

Kind and Respectful

Where the development of social and emotional skills ensures all relationships are positive and caring.

Open-Minded and Well-Rounded

Where all opportunities, whether new or challenging or preferred, are embraced with enthusiasm.

Collaborative and Independent

Where the knowledge of how to work together, both within and beyond the School community,
is balanced with a strong sense of who they are and what they can achieve as an individual.

Our Strategic Objectives

1. Deliver a distinctive and outstanding education that prepares children for their future

We seek to create teaching and learning opportunities that result in excellent progress being made by all children in all aspects of the curriculum. This will ensure that we are constantly delivering educational programmes of the highest quality that instil in every child a love of learning that lasts far beyond their time at Laxton Junior School.

2. Promote community wellbeing

We seek to support our community in feeling happy, safe, respected and valued. This will ensure that our level of care continues to be exceptional and that, whenever required, our support structures prioritise the positive wellbeing of those in need.

3. Maximise our purpose and performance within The Corporation of Oundle School

We seek to emphasise the position of Laxton Junior School as the 4 to 11 day component of Oundle School. This will ensure that we are offering a quality of service reflective of that delivered by the Senior School, as well as reinforcing the link between the schools so that there is a fluid transition from one to the other.

4. Be in control of our market

We seek to strengthen the reputation of our school as a nationally recognised independent junior school. In so doing, we wish Laxton Junior School to be the school of choice for the local community, with a full roll and waiting lists for each class.

5. Nurture global contributors

We seek to embrace the local, national and global trends that are affecting the world that our children will eventually emerge into. This will ensure that we are offering an innovative and relevant educational experience throughout their time at Laxton Junior School.

Key Publications

Our philosophy and approach, along with thoughts from the children themselves, is set out further in our Big Book of Little Details which is shared with all prospective parents. At the end of each academic year, we are proud to report upon progress made against each of our objectives in The LJS Review, which is shared with our whole community.  Our Big Book of Little Details THE LJS REVIEW 2022 – 2023

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