Our Approach

Sport is an essential part of our curriculum. We pride ourselves on ensuring that every child has the opportunity to achieve his or her best in a variety of competitive sports as well as to become physically confident in a way that supports a healthy and active lifestyle.

Through lessons and fixtures, we develop not only the core skills of a wide range of sports, but also children’s creativity, decision making and tactical understanding, whilst ensuring enjoyment and a life-long participation in sport. As the children progress we give them increasing opportunities to compete, building character and equipping them with skills and values such as fairness and respect which extend far into their School and home life. On the field, we always play to win whilst demonstrating high levels of sportsmanship at all times.

Well-Being and

At every level and age, participation in sport should lead to a positive sense of well-being, a greater understanding of health and fitness, a healthy lifestyle, a strong feeling of self-confidence and an enthusiasm to take part in a variety of sport throughout our children’s lives.

A Varied Programme

Each week, we combine Games, PE and Swimming lessons with regular fixtures, triangular matches, galas, House matches, sports tours and tournaments both within LJS and against other schools.

We endeavour to give each child the opportunity to represent a team at both School and House level, helping encourage competition and enjoyment. Every child, from Reception to Year 6 swims weekly in Oundle’s flagship pool under the instruction of specialist swimming coaches. In PE lessons, children learn and participate in a varied programme of games skills, dance, gymnastics, outdoor and adventurous activities, and athletics.

A further selection of after school clubs allows for even more diversity, including street dance, basketball and orienteering.

We have our own talented teaching staff of sports specialists who work with all our children from all year groups. We are also fortunate in being part of Oundle School and therefore having access to numerous sports professionals and coaches who take a keen interest in the sporting development of our pupils.

An Innovative Approach to Equality

At LJS, children choose the sport they would like to participate in, not the sport they ‘should’ play according to their gender. We believe that girls should have every opportunity from an early age to play cricket, football and rugby and that equally, boys should have the chance to develop ball skills through sports such as hockey, netball and rounders, should they wish. All competitive sports are taught by our qualified staff and we field mixed teams for fixtures, with children selected for our A, B or C teams according to ability.

Skill Development

Up to Year 3, all pupils learn the rules and skills of every sport we teach at LJS. This provides a basis from which they can choose sports options in their senior years as well focusing on the basic foundation of agility, balance and co-ordination in the early years. In our experience, pupils who are encouraged to play a variety of sports before choosing which ones which they want to focus on ultimately develop a longer lifelong interest in their chosen sports.

Sports choices by term are:

  • Michaelmas Term: Rugby or Hockey
  • Lent Term: Football or Netball
  • Summer Term: Cricket or Rounders.

Our Facilities

Dependent upon the season, our grounds are used for different sports. Across the year, this accommodates 5 football pitches, 5 rugby pitches, 4 rounders pitches or 2 cricket pitches. We also have 2 basketball courts, 2 netball courts, 1 artificial cricket wicket, 2 cricket nets and 2 tennis courts. Inside the large sports hall, we have 2 badminton courts, 1 mini basketball court and an array of gym equipment.

We also, of course, have access to Oundle’s extensive sporting facilities. 2020 sees the culmination of the School’s Sports MasterPlan, at the heart of which is a brand new Sports Centre housing a fifty metre divisible swimming pool with a moveable floor, an eight court hall offering adaptable playing space for a range of sports, a separate fitness suite with seventy stations, a dedicated dance studio, three further multipurpose studios and a café.

During term time, our pupils have allocated exclusive access to the Sports Centre and all associated courts and pitches. In addition, every pupil receives free annual membership to the Sports Centre for as long as they are part of LJS or Oundle School.

Download sports campus map Oundle School Sports Centre

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