We are very fortunate, at LJS, to have the impressive facilities of Oundle School on our doorstep, as well as the expertise of the staff who enjoy hosting us on a regular basis.

As they start their latest Science topic on reversible and irreversible reactions, Year 6 visited Oundle’s Chemistry department, where they performed their own iodine clock experiment. This involved multiple steps, whereby the children had to follow a set of instructions very carefully. They showed off their practical skills by making sure that their measurements of liquid volumes were as accurate as they could possibly make them, and by observing closely to measure the exact time for the colour change to occur. As they repeated the experiment using different concentrations of reactants, it was a pleasure to see their confidence increase, with partners working together to make the whole process as efficient as possible.

Mr Peverley, Head of Chemistry at Oundle School, also treated the children to a demonstration of some exciting reactions, involving loud bangs and bright flashes. Oohs and aahs abounded as some clever colour changes took place, cans exploded and bubbles of gas caught fire. The final demonstration of a jet engine in a bottle was both beautiful and awe-inspiring, leaving the children with a little taste of the wonder and ‘magic’ of Science.

We are very grateful to Mr Peverley and the Oundle School staff for giving our children such a wonderful opportunity, and for sharing their expertise and passion for their subject – it was an inspirational visit! It was also a super pre-cursor to two other Science events we have coming up: our Quiz Club Science area heats for Years 5 and 6, and our whole-school Science Fair in April; these will bring with them yet more opportunities for our children to demonstrate their fabulous love of learning!

By Mrs Sue Pearson, Head of Science