To embrace World Maths Day, the whole school enjoyed Maths in a variety of contexts on Wednesday, 4th March. The classrooms, hall, outdoor areas and even the swimming pool were buzzing with mathematical games and challenges.

Throughout the day, The Problem Solving Company provided fun workshops, working with each class, from Reception to Year 6. The children worked in small groups to solve a range of mathematical puzzles with many of the problems involving the children manipulating shapes and large practical resources to give a fabulous hands-on experience. The Reception children absolutely loved the different shape puzzles that they were given and the staff were really impressed with how well they worked together to solve them.

We enjoyed a visit from Ally Strachan and a number of Sixth Form students from Oundle School, who challenged the Year 4 children to use their mathematical knowledge and understanding to solve many conundrums. We really enjoy collaborating with the Senior School, the older pupils set such a good example: being kind, discussing misconceptions, offering practical guidance and motivating our children to succeed.

Maths treasure hunts outside were thoroughly enjoyed by Year 3 and Year 5. The children followed the questions, found numbers in the school environment, answered a maths problem and this then gave them a letter. To find the hidden treasure the children needed to answer all of the questions to be able to identify its location. The children said that, ‘they enjoyed doing Maths in different locations’, ‘it tested our minds whilst being fun’ and ‘it was challenging in a good way’.

On the iPads, children used coding to develop games. In Year 5, they created amazing computer games about finding prime numbers and the Year 4 games focussed on square numbers. These fabulous games can be found on our twitter feed for anyone to play. Be careful and make sure you stay away from those nasty monsters!

There were so many other wonderful experiences during the day including: Year 3 and Year 6 collaborating together to create their own Maths raps; Jack and the Beanstalk inspired Maths in Year 1; and a competitive Incy Wincy Spider number game caused much hilarity in Reception!

So many Maths opportunities in just one day; I am already looking forward to the next World Maths Day!

By Mrs Claire Henderson, Maths Lead