Our first few days of remote learning have flown by and there has been a whirlwind of activity across the Laxton Junior School community. Whether they are accessing the remote learning at home or in school as part of our critical worker provision, our pupils and staff have been busy learning and teaching together just like they usually do, with a few key differences, of course! Every form has been getting together every morning at 8.30am to start the day as they would if they were in school; Form Time at 3.30pm is a chance to catch up and maybe have a story, again, much like they do normally.

Our Reception children have thrown themselves into their learning – they have followed the trail of Jack Frost, searched for ‘magic’ in the environment (they were thrilled to have found signs of spring all over the place!), as well as doing gymnastics in their homes and re-enacting the tale of the Three Little Pigs.

The Year One children used their five senses on a wintry walk and then used adjectives to describe what they had seen, heard, touched, tasted and smelled; they have also been discussing their feelings and emotions, as well as building up their core strength in a PE lesson.

Year Two have been sharing messages through Teams, sharing their thoughts and feelings about each other; they have also thoroughly enjoyed a dance session with Miss Danby!

Year Three have been drawing maps and reflecting on peaceful places and music this week, using drawing and words to describe their feelings; they have also had their first introduction to netball, learning the basics and have some skills to practise.

Year Four were set a challenge in their Games lesson this week – they could choose from the football ‘keepy-uppy’ or the netball chest passes challenge and have been posting their results on Teams; they’ve also been practising their multiplication and division skills in Maths, as well as learning about contractions in English.

Year Five have been sharing book recommendations with each other, as well as using the story mountain planner to plan their creative writing, remembering to use their Alan Peat sentence structures in some incredibly imaginative creative writing.

Year 6 have been busy practising a range of fitness challenges, recording their scores with the aim working to improve on them; they have also been working hard in English to use fronted adverbials in their writing.

Keeping our community together is incredibly important at all times, but even more so at the moment. Our new LJS Community Team has been set up to bring us all together as much as possible. The first family challenge has been set – a good old family dance session – feel free to join in and dance like no one is watching!