As well as the learning that takes place on site, we love getting out and about to enhance and further our learning. This week, five classes have been on trips, travelling to Rutland, Peterborough and the heady heights of the centre of Oundle.

On Monday, Year 1 eagerly boarded the LJS minibuses and headed to Rutland Water Nature Reserve at Egleton for the second time this year. They were met by Anglian Water Rangers Luke and Eileen, who outlined the plan for the Seasons Day. When they visited back in November, there were lots of fallen leaves and plenty of berries and seeds in the trees and bushes, otherwise known as nature’s supermarket. The children noticed that this time, now that winter is here, there are not very many seeds and berries left as the wildlife that lives on the reserve has been busy eating them. As they set off on a winter walk, they ticked off a variety of features including log piles and types of tree. They visited two different bird hides – one in the morning and one in the afternoon – where they used binoculars to watch woodland and wetland birds. One of the highlights of the day, however, was meeting Joe, who found the now legendary Rutland Sea Dinosaur that has been in the news recently. Joe told us all about his amazing discovery and the children (and adults) asked lots of questions. He told us that the ichthyosaur that he found was 10 metres long and the head was longer than him! What a wonderful day they had!

On Wednesday, Mrs Maslen took 3M to the Drolma Buddhist Centre in Peterborough, where the children were able to extend the learning they have already acquired in their classroom. They took part in activities, looked at artefacts and listened to information about Budhhist teachings. What a privilege to be able to take part in these experiences. 3O will be visitng the Centre next week and 3M have told them what a wonderful place it is.

Also on Wednesday, 5A welcomed Oundle School’s Archivist, Mrs Langsdale, to school. Mrs Langsdale brought with her items relating to the Victorian era, linking with their learning in Humanities. They explored photographs, articles, letters and items of uniform, all of which gave an insight into Oundle School in Victorian times. There were no items relating to our own school, as LJS was not founded until 1973 – we are most definitely Elizabethan! 5H’s session will be next week and they are really looking forward to it!

On Thursday, Reception also headed out of the LJS building but instead of boarding minibuses, they used their own built in transport and travelled on foot to St Peter’s Church in Oundle. They were met by Revd. Annabel, who told them all about baptism and the ceremony. They also had the opportunity to explore the church and found all sorts of things, including stained glass windows, candles and lots of crosses. Annabel told them about the meanings behind the things they found and the children asked lots of questions too.

Do you have any trips or visits planned for this weekend? Have a wonderful time!