Pupils are proudly exhibiting their artwork at The Yarrow Gallery, Oundle until the 13th May. The exhibition’s focus is on a how pupil’s artwork reflects and responds to their understanding of the world around them. As children progress through the School they experience thirteen key techniques in art which are clearly displayed through simple pencil drawing to mosaic and installation. The exhibition showcases examples of work in this theme which has been created by pupils from the ages of 4 to 11 years old.

Pupils were thrilled to be able to display their creativity and to show both collaborative projects alongside more personal, individual pieces all of which harness first-hand experience and imagination and employ colour, texture, form, different materials and processes throughout their development.

There are thirteen sections to the exhibition which show examples of work in: Painting, Photography, Drawing, Clay Sculpture, Printing, Installation, Collage, Modelling, Textile, Mosaic, Pointillism, Pastel and iPad/CAD that have been produced over the past year.

The exhibition is open to the public to view and provides unique insight in to a child’s creative mind, as expressed with Picasso poignant words “every child is an artist.”

Mrs Ashby Art Subject Leader at Laxton Junior School commented that, ‘the Preview of this incredible exhibition was very enthusiastically received by parents and the pupils. Comments have been extremely positive and the pupils were very proud (as they should be) of their work which is now on display in The Yarrow. I would recommend a visit to all.’