Year Two have had a fabulous start to their Great Fire of London topic. On Tuesday they had a visit from Daisy, a baker’s maid, and Samuel Pepys, from the workshop company Real History Alive. The characters arrived at School after having travelled forward in time from 1666 to tell the children all about the Great Fire of London.

The children were captivated as they were taken, via a ‘time portal’, to 1666 where they learned about the Great Fire and took part in many exciting activities including, dancing, dressing up, forming a fire chain and meeting a doctor whose specialism was the Plague! Using some very interesting treatments, many of which were unpleasant and some ridiculous the doctor attempted to cure patients from their symptoms. Whoever heard of jumping over a cloth filled with lavender to cure the Plague?!

One Year Two pupil said, ‘I loved helping the doctor to cure our teachers. My favourite cure was when he sprinkled unicorn horn dust onto a rash!’