The last few days of February saw Year Six pupils at Laxton Junior School rehearsing and performing Simon Aylin’s original musical ‘The Fairytale Factory’. Simon’s expert direction, along with skilful support from Musical Director, James, ensured a happy ending for the talented troupe, despite the fact that all of the happy endings in the factory had gone missing!

There were numerous moments of hilarity, not least from the regular line-up of the supporting cast, who bemoaned their lack of line, name or opportunity with much feeling and great comic timing. The main characters fought valiantly through adversity, with their stories cleverly interwoven and happily all coming good in the end. The songs performed included both lively numbers, which had the audience singing and tapping along, and some very moving solos, which left one or two parents and teachers surreptitiously wiping away the tears.

Teacher Sue Pearson commented, ‘The pupils learnt a great deal preparing and delivering this performance. It was a wonderful opportunity for them to be part of a team working towards a common goal, and to gain confidence in performing in front of a crowd. It was a real treat to watch them in action.’