LJS was filled with superheroes today as we raised money for Comic Relief by dressing up. There was a wide range of inspiration on display and it was fabulous to see children and adults alike getting into the spirit of things. Ms Crump’s assembly was a superb way to start the day and the joke-a-thon that unfolded before our very eyes on Teams resulted in groans and laughter in equal amounts – they do say that laughter is the best medicine and we would have to agree!

The Great Green Wall House Challenge has clearly been influential and we saw several Sir David Attenboroughs and Greta Thunberg, all advocating that we should care for our environment – the Eco Committee were delighted! Lots of Covid superheroes were acknowledged too, with doctors, nurses and the incredible Captain Sir Tom Moore all represented.

Edith Cavell, who was educated in Peterborough, made an appearance too; she selflessly saved the lives of German and British soldiers during the First World War, before helping 200 Allied soldiers to escape from Belgium. Suffragette Emmeline Pankhurst was also at LJS today – we wonder what these women would have made of a 21st century school! Artists Frida Kahlo and JMW Turner showed how inspirational creativity can be too.

There were also a number of fictional, but equally important, superheroes. Wonder Woman seemed to be everywhere, as did a plethora of Marvel and Lego characters! Harry Potter and Hermione Grainger must have secured special permission to leave Hogwarts for the day and we hope they enjoyed visiting LJS.

Several sports were represented including football, rugby, cricket and motorsport. It felt as if LJS was hosting the BBC Sports Personality of the Year awards ceremony as stars such as Marcus Rashford, Ben Stokes and Lewis Hamilton made their way to lunch and break.

Several children (and adults) paid tribute to their mums and dads who really are superheroes! Two of our Year 6 children decided to pay the ultimate compliment to LJS by dressing up as members of staff – how wonderful! The money is being counted and will be sent off to Comic Relief and we feel proud to have done our bit.