We are proud to announce two exciting strategic developments that will greatly benefit our LJS community from September 2022. They form a significant part of the publication Project 24: Investing in our Future, the vision for securing the long-term security and success of our School for all our pupils, from the four-year-old joining us at Reception to the eighteen-year-old preparing for life beyond Oundle School.

A new Reception space which places play at its heart

The first development is the creation of a new, state-of-the-art Reception space that is bespoke to the play-centred approach of the Early Years Foundation Stage. The power of play is at the heart of our philosophy and this is at its most important in the first year of school. In Reception, children play, interact and learn in a constant flow, moving from one activity to another, sometimes of their own will and sometimes guided by a teacher. The design and use of space is therefore fundamental to a child’s development and we are hugely excited about this project which will transform the current dual classrooms into a dynamic and zoned indoor learning space, flowing seamlessly into an enlarged outdoor area. A significant part of the outdoor area will be sheltered to ensure the continuation of outdoor provision come rain or shine. Sustainability is high on our agenda, with the space making use of natural eco-friendly materials, connecting with nature and the environment.

Upgrades to Science and Art facilities to support innovative STEAM education

The second development is the renovation of both our Science Lab and Art Room to support STEAM education across all year groups. These spaces will be remodelled and resourced over the summer, including facilities for 3D printing and engineering. Oundle School is a world-leading provider of STEM education, and we are committed to offering an outstanding connection to this experience at LJS.

It is our aim that both these developments will be completed over the summer, ready for the new academic year in September 2022.

For further details on the full scope of Project 24 across Oundle School and Laxton Junior School, please read our publication:

Project 24: Investing in our Future