I hope very much that, as you sit at home exploring this new web page, it finds you and your family healthy, safe and well. A great deal has happened since schools were closed on Thursday, 20th March but, at Laxton Junior School, we continue to have two clear determinations. Firstly, that we play our part in supporting the country in the fight against COVID-19; and secondly, for as long as we are unable to be together in-school, that we provide you and your children with the very best online educational experience possible.

We were hugely grateful for the positive feedback that flooded in during Phase 1 of this process and, also, for the constructive and helpful commentary on how you and your family interacted with the learning content during this initial experience. We learnt a very great deal from this and, over the Easter holidays, staff across the school have worked relentlessly to ensure that what comes next is bigger, better and broader than before.

Indeed, I would like to offer my very sincere thanks to the LJS staff who have worked harder than ever, over the Easter holidays, to ensure that your children will receive a brilliant array of teaching and learning opportunities throughout the Summer Term.

One of the consequences, however, of the changes that we have had to make to nearly all aspects of our school provision, is the additional pressure that it places on you. I am hugely aware of this and, alongside the LJS team, wish to do everything possible to support you in the months to come. Not only is there new documentation to read but also the difficulty of balancing, at home, so many different aspects of life simultaneously. Everyone’s circumstances are different and challenging in their own way and we do not wish to compound these with additional layers of complexity. As such, please see our user guides, found in this section of our website, as being there to help you when you need it and our lesson content as an opportunity to be taken rather than an expectation you must deliver.

As part of our online approach, we have looked to ensure that our five values continue to define who we are and what we do and, alongside the remote learning programme that is hosted on Microsoft Teams, I am excited to welcome you to this new section of our website, which details how our online provision resonates with the essential ethos of our school.

Your children’s love of learning will be fostered through the fantastic lessons that staff will be delivering through Microsoft Teams, with pupil progress further supported by written, video and live feedback opportunities. All subjects for all ages will continue to be taught and learnt, alongside dynamic learning support and music tuition lessons. Videos and guides can be found on this page to support your understanding of how to use Microsoft Teams and enable your child’s positive interaction with all the remote learning that lies ahead.

Just because we cannot be together does not mean that we will not be doing everything possible to care for your family. Regular support will be provided by Form Teachers and our Pastoral Care team to ensure that all members of our community can continue to foster a positive sense of wellbeing. Videos and guidance can be found on this page that detail how we will be providing safeguarding, online safety and wellbeing support.

Never has it been more important for our school community to remain connected, and our remote learning programme will provide regular opportunity for us to interact with each other. Whole class live sessions will ensure that children and their teachers can come together every week, and staff will continue to be contactable by email, phone and through video meetings. What’s more, this page of our website will be hosting community events such as our weekly assemblies, video blogs from myself, Ms Crump and our Head Boy and Girl. There will also be links to live events and PFA news.

Providing opportunity is an essential part of who we are as a school and, through our online programme and on this website, we will be providing extra-curricular clubs, links to exciting events happening around the country and LJS competitions and challenges.

Finally, our commitment to you is that we wish to offer an online programme of the very highest quality as this is synonymous with what is expected of a Laxton Junior School education. We are hugely proud of what we have planned, developed and created to ensure that all children can continue their learning experience and make fantastic progress over the course of the Summer Term. Quality, though, is not just in the delivery, it is in the outcomes that our children work so very hard to achieve, and on this page you will find our work of the week gallery, where we share some of the amazing things that have been taking place in our virtual classrooms.

It is my hope that you and your children enjoy the coming months of remote learning; it is, of course, a significant challenge for us all, but we are determined to give our community the very best experience possible so that, when we are happily able to return to school, every child has had the opportunity to enjoy progress and success during this temporary period of separation.

In the meantime, I hope that you and your family will stay safe and well, and I leave you with my very best wishes indeed.

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