Children throughout the school have had a day filled to bursting with Maths, not just in Maths lessons but in other subjects too. It turns out that Maths really is everywhere!

Through explorations of tessellation in Year 4 and perspective drawings in Year 1, the children learnt about the unexpected connections between Art and Maths. Creativity also featured within the Year 6 classrooms, with the children collaborating to create some amazing board games, incorporating their maths learning within the design of their games. Strategy games were the cause of great excitement in Year 4. The aim of the game was to score the most number of points and those that employed the most savvy strategy took the win! Reception put into practice their counting skills within their PE lesson, playing lots of different games, all involving the number 5. The children in Years 2 and were challenged to use maths vocabulary in dialogue in order to solve tricky problems during their problem solving workshops.Year 5 found themselves turning numbers into fractions in the changing rooms, to work out how many people were changed and ready!

Every child had the opportunity to work with the team from The Problem Solving Company where they were set a variety of problems to solve. They worked together to find the solutions and used their existing knowledge, as well as acquiring some more skills too.

When you are out and about over the weekend, how much Maths can you see?