Issue Five

The final news piece of this half term is dedicated to the Great Green Wall House Challenge, an initiative that was launched just a week ago and has seen our community come together in an incredible way. The Great Green Wall is an initiative that aims to grow an 8,000km ‘green wall’ from Senegal in the west, to Djibouti in the east that will, in turn, transform the lives of millions of people. Our children (and staff!) have been earning kilometres towards that total by completing a range of tasks, from walking and running 5km to cycling 10km. Recycling, litter picking, making bird feeders, tidying bedrooms, cooking family meals, doing the washing, building a den and designing and building a futuristic eco Lego house all count towards the total and we have been blown away by the efforts that are being made – our GGWC channel on Teams is full of positivity and community spirit. The biggest earner is planting a tree which is worth 15km and several have been planted already.

The daily total post from Mr Marsden is eagerly anticipated and we have seen the lead change several times already. Fact files and activities are being posted about each of the countries that we are passing through as we reach them. The four Houses, Burghley, Gloucester, Lilford and Whitmore are showing terrific team spirit and there is a healthy sense of competition, with lots of supportive and appreciative comments being posted. Keep an eye on our Twitter and Instagram feeds to see how we’re getting on!

We are delighted that the GGWC is featured on the Eco Schools website this week and look forward to our continued journey towards our silver and green flags.

Aside from the GGWC, remote learning has continued apace. Miss Danby’s Daily Wake Ups have energised us all as we have headed towards half term and we are looking forward to seeing what is in store after the break.

Wishing our whole community a very happy and restful half term break – see you again very soon!