Year 6 Activity Week

Although they were understandably disappointed not to be able to head to France for their residential trip this year, Year 6 have done their best to make up for it as they abandoned their usual  timetable this week and enjoyed an action-packed week of activities. In true LJS style, the children have thrown themselves in to every activity, with determination, positivity and many, many smiles!

The week started with two day trips to the Frontier Centre at Irthlingborough. Having spent a night there back in Year 3, the children were looking forward to repeating some of the activities they took part in 3 years ago, as well as trying some new ones. The King Swing is always a highlight of the Year 3 residential at the Frontier Centre and there was a collective grin as they swung to new heights. More heights were experienced as they scaled the climbing wall before coming back to earth to walk the plank and solve the puzzle of the maze. Their team work skills came into play here, as indeed they did for the Bushcraft activities. Kayaking took them out on the water and a huge amount of fun was had as they battled with their balance and their paddles to stay afloat and stay dry! A steady hand and keen eye were required for archery and there was a tremendous feeling of satisfaction and success when the arrows hit the board, let alone the bullseye!

After two long but wonderful days at the Frontier Centre, a day of CCF tasks and cricket fixtures was planned for Wednesday. We are most grateful to the CCF staff at Oundle School who hosted us for the morning. Weapon handling and drill were the first of the day’s activities – it turns out that marching and moving in time with in each other is not necessarily as easy as it looks and sounds… One of the biggest highlights of the morning was learning about SSSSMT Army tactics – how to stay hidden using Shape, Space, Shadow, Silhouette, Movement and Texture. This involved the application of camouflage paint and the children took great delight in applying it to themselves and each other, including some of the LJS teachers! With the camo paint applied, it was time for a game of Stealth Capture the Flag in Heron Rogers Wood – you’ll be pleased to know that, despite the excellent camouflaging and hiding skills on display, all children were located and came back to school for lunch. After lunch they donned their sports kits and got stuck into Cricket fixtures against Witham Hall School, some at home and some away at Witham.

Thursday was a day of fun and games at the new Oundle School Sports Centre. It was the first time that the large inflatable has been used by LJS pupils in the new pool and it did not disappoint! At the other end of the pool, floats, balls and goals were in use, with much splashing and laughter along the entire 50 metre length of the pool.

Today, Friday, is another busy day. The Woodland Garden is a special place at LJS and outdoor learning activities are always popular. There’s a continental theme to the day too, with a nod towards the French trip that was not to be – if you can’t go to France, bring France to Oundle! The Barnyard has become a makeshift bike store as the group embarks on its own, slightly shortened, version of the Tour de France. A French feast was on the menu for lunch, complete, apparently with frogs’ legs and snails…! No French experience would be complete without some games of boules. A campfire with the obligatory marshmallows beckons this evening before the children (and staff) have pizza and watch a film together and have a sleepover – in school! Home time this week will be on Saturday morning after breakfast. No doubt there will be some tired children and adults but we know that some wonderful memories will have been made for the children of their last few weeks at LJS, with more memories to be made over the remaining 3 weeks of the Summer Term.