A Pirate Invasion!

Ahoy there, me hearties! On Wednesday morning, something strange happened… None of our Reception children came to school but we did have replacements in the form of pirates! The Reception staff had been replaced by pirates too – what a mystery!

The pirates decided that a health check should be carried out before they tackled the day’s tasks and a pop-up pirate surgery appeared where the pirate crew members were examined and passed with a clean bill of health ready to set off on their adventures.  They decided to set about preparing a delicious lunch – they were obviously feeling very hungry. They busily buttered bread and chose their sandwich fillings – ham, cheese or jam – before cutting their sandwich in half. Now, we all know that pirates love drinking grog and our visiting pirates were no different… They worked in groups to make their very own fruit grog recipes, made with yoghurt and berries. They decided in their groups which of the berries they should put in, negotiating and talking through their choices before mixing it all up ready to drink. When lunchtime came, they tucked into their homemade lunches with tremendous enthusiasm – it’s particularly hungry work making sandwiches and grog – and declared the feast to have been delicious!

After they had polished off all of the food, or pirates headed for the Woodland Garden, where they found a message. ‘The island is full of magic, there’s hidden treasures needing to be free. The island is full of life, use the map, solve the clues and you will see.’ The pirates spent the afternoon finding clues around the ‘island’, reading them and completing the puzzle. Their reward was finding a treasure chest in the fairy garden.  When they managed to open the treasure chest, they were thrilled to discover that it really was full of actual treasure in the form of gold coins! Even better, they discovered that they were actually chocolate coins and they shared them out so that every crew member had five coins. Of course, the chocolate coin treasure had soon mysteriously disappeared (we think the pirates may have eaten them…) and the pirates had to set sail for home.

We don’t know if they’ll return but they were a friendly bunch and we’d love them to come back!