This time last year, LJS looked very different, as learning had moved online once more and we worked hard to keep our community connected through our LJS Community team on the Microsoft Teams platform. Every child and staff member was a part of the team and this time last year, a very exciting whole community house challenge was launched. The Great Green Wall House Challenge ran for 6 weeks and was the most incredible community effort. Children and adults completed numerous challenges to earn kilometres for their house, many of them being eco-friendly, such as litter picking, using sustainable transport modes and recycling. Mr Marsden, our Sustainability Lead and our pupil-based Eco-Team were thrilled with the response and it led to LJS being reaching Eco Schools Silver status. The Eco Team has continued to work hard with the aim of achieving the coveted Green Flag status, encouraging us all to consider our actions and practices. Each year group has Eco Team representatives and each form has designated eco monitors; between them, they encourage us to switch off lights and devices, save water, recycle and look after our environment.

Our new school newspaper even features a piece by Eco Correspondents Fritha and Cecily. Here’s what they have written, launching the LJS Eco Code that is now proudly displayed around the school.

The eco team are seeing how environmentally friendly our wonderful school is. The Eco Team from 2020/21 as a team created the LJS Eco Code by which we try to live by every day. We would like to present to you the finished code. We are so proud of the hard work they put in! We hope you are too!

You can read more about our Great Green Wall Challenge, or the GGWC as it became fondly known, here #EcoSchoolsAtHome Great Green Wall – Eco Schools (