About the following article, Mr Robertson writes: ‘Last year, five children, now in Year 6, won a competition to become journalists for the School website; they will be contributing an article each month that looks at key people, events and issues taking place at Laxton Junior School. Their first article is below: an interview with Ms Crump.’

We are the Year 6 reporting team of Edward, Willa, Bibiana, Bea and Isla and we had lunch with Ms Crump on Thursday, 12th September to find out all about our new Deputy Head; we had a brilliant time and learnt so much about her!

Ms Crump moved from America to England (after living there for 5 years!) because she missed her family and especially her new nephew. She can do an American accent very well and learnt French and Spanish when she was younger. 

Ms Crump was very excited about coming to Laxton Junior School and had to fly to England for three days to be interviewed. When she got the call from Mr Robertson, to inform her she had got the job, she was driving in her car, so she pulled over into a layby (to be safe). Mr Robertson asked her if she would like to become our new Deputy Head and she had to be very professional when she answered.  Afterwards, when she had hung up, she started
cheering and singing along to the music in her car (very loudly)!

Ms Crump thinks that LJS is full of friendly people; she told us that there is a feeling of great community and everyone is showing a love of learning. Her favourite LJS value is ‘Care’ as it encompasses so many things, like ourselves, each other, our learning and protecting the environment (which she is very passionate about).

We had such a good time meeting Ms Crump and think she is going to be a fantastic Deputy Head!