Our monthly celebration assemblies are always exactly as the title suggests – a celebration from start to finish. This month was no exception and Ms Crump started it off with a song, ‘Come On and Celebrate’. We always sing it in our Celebration Assemblies and it was wonderful to think that it was being sung across Oundle, Northamptonshire, Peterborough, Lincolnshire, Cambridgeshire, Leicestershire and Rutland by our Community!

No fewer than 8 Blue Peter badges have dropped through LJS Community letter boxes in the last few weeks! George, Imogen and Jasper all earned Blue Peter badges after they sent off letters, poems and artwork. Annabel, Jack, Archie, Lucy and Lila all received their Music Blue Peter badges for showing off their passion for music. We think that many of our children will be eligible for Green badges after all of the amazing things they have been doing as part of the Great Green Wall Challenge!

Fourteen Values certificates were awarded across the school – 4 Quality, 7 Love of Learning, 2 Opportunity, 1 Care. A huge well done to Elias, Ella, George, Harry, Henry, Imogen, Isla, Jasper, Jossie, Lily, Nicholas, Olivia and Rion! The overall Values Award was presented to Zara, who has demonstrated that she has achieved in all five of our Values over the last month. She has shown Care by always looking out for members of their form, including their Form Teacher. She has demonstrated Quality by listening carefully to feedback on her work and using it to improve her learning. She is a wonderful member of our Community, has a real Love of Learning and grasps every Opportunity that comes her way. Congratulations to Zara – wear your Values badge with pride!

Thank you to Naomi and Jack, our Head Girl and Head Boy for their weekly videos and for supporting all members of LJS on our Community Team. They are responsible for awarding the Cup of Kindness each month and this week announced that it was being awarded to Anna. Anna has been incredibly kind and supportive to adults and children, not only in her own Form but across the school on our Community Team. She has been encouraging members of all houses in the Great Green Wall House Challenge too. Not only that but she took time to post lots of links and ideas for half term break activities. What a worthy winner!

The Eco Team was set up in September, with four children being a part of the committee as Mr Marsden steers LJS towards the Eco Schools Green flag award.  The Eco Team has now expanded and four more children have joined, from Year 3 and Year 4. They had to submit videos explaining why they wanted to become members of the team and have been welcomed on to the team. Well done to the new committee members! Mr Marsden and the Eco Team are busy planning more ways that LJS can be more sustainable.

The Great Green Wall Challenge continues to be hotly contested and there was tremendous excitement as the Houses crossed the half way mark this week. The statistics are fascinating and really very impressive!

Walking – 2,480km (Oundle to Istanbul in Turkey!
Running – 945km
Cycling – 1,580km
Cooking – 704 dishes
Birdfeeders – 109
Room tidies – 173
Washing – 230 loads
Lego building – 88 houses
Den building – 128 dens
Recycling – 229 binfuls
Litter Picks – 221
Trees planted 114

Looking ahead to next week, we have World Book Day coming up, so look out for news about that next Friday. We’re on countdown for a full return to school for 8th March and we can’t wait for our school to be full again!