Anti Bullying Week was kicked off with the much anticipated Odd Socks Day, with children and adults around the school sporting a wide range of odd socks. Some chose subtle odd-ness and others went all out in a blaze of colour and pattern. Others chose to have odd socks by wearing their usual school socks and being the odd one out. No matter what, we showed that we are all different and all equal – after all, a sock is a sock, no matter what colour, length or pattern!

One of the highlights of Anti Bullying Week was the official song by Andy and the Odd Socks – One Kind Word. LJS were one of a handful of schools nationwide to contribute to the accompanying video. Ms Crump, Mrs Waterhouse, Year 5 and Year 6 had a brilliant time filming in the Woodland Garden before half term and submitted some carefully chosen clips. It was very exciting to watch the video for the first time and, a minute or so in, some very familiar faces popped onto the screen! Needless to say, the video has been played many times in the past few weeks by members of our community and we are proud to think that it has been viewed countless times across the country, helping to spread the message of kindness.

If you haven’t seen it yet, take a look! Anti-Bullying Week 2021: One Kind Word (celebration video) – YouTube

Every child in school has created a kindness rock, using permanent markers to decorate pebbles and rocks with kind words because, well, ‘kindness rocks’, doesn’t it? Lots of our children had the opportunity to work with James and Philip from Open View Education too, role playing scenarios and learning about power imbalance, as well as discussing kindness and friendship.