The majority of Form Six children at Laxton Junior School will transition to Oundle School.  Children who have been at Laxton Junior School since their Reception years are not required to sit the Oundle School entrance exam, instead, they have ongoing assessment.  Children who have joined the School later than Reception are required to sit the entrance exam as the School will not have had enough time to fully asses the children.   

Some families will choose alternative senior schooling for their child.  We will always ensure that each child is prepared appropriately for any examinations set by their chosen destination school. In recent years, children from Laxton Junior School have moved into the following senior schools:

  • Bourne Grammar
  • Jerwoods - Oakham School
  • Kimbolton School
  • Latimer Arts’ College
  • Magdalen College School, Oxford
  • Oundle School
  • The King’s School, Peterborough
  • The Peterborough School
  • The Stamford Endowed Schools

Each year, children from Laxton Junior School are awarded a number of scholarships and exhibitions at a wide variety of schools. This year, for example, children from Form Six at Laxton Junior School have been awarded three academic scholarships, two sports scholarships, four music scholarships and nine music exhibitions.