All children have a healthy curiosity and ask lots of questions about the world around them.  We strive to encourage this, at the same time as helping them to develop a logical, scientific approach to understanding their surroundings.

We want them to be able to investigate a wide variety of questions, preferably through their own experimentation, and thus feel more secure in their knowledge of how the world around them behaves. As our society depends ever more on science and technology, we want our children to leave Laxton Junior School feeling confident and enthusiastic about the subject, with a good grounding in the scientific method, techniques and vocabulary that will feature in their continued study at senior school and their everyday life.

We have a dedicated Science Room which children get to use on a regular basis, so that they can have experience of using a variety of apparatus and making measurements. In Year Six, pupils get the chance to visit the impressive SciTec campus of Oundle School, where they get to meet exotic animals, see Chemistry demonstrations, perform their own Chemistry experiments and even dissect bulls' eyes. Even our Reception children have been up to meet Tango the chameleon!

We have a variety of speakers come to talk to us about Science, including a mobile planetarium.  Some of our trips have a scientific theme, such as going to Woolsthorpe, home of Sir Isaac Newton when we are doing work on Forces. Every two years we have our Science Fair, in which our infant children present some of the work they have been doing in class, and our Junior children display a project of their own choosing. The Hall buzzes with excitement in a wonderful exhibition of our children's fabulous scientific enthusiasm and expertise - it really is a treat!

Our programme of study broadly follows the National Curriculum, with some aspects of the Common Entrance 11+ syllabus added in. Although we do not distinguish between Biology, Chemistry and Physics, our topics cover elements of all three and, along with specialist teaching, give our pupils a sound basis from which to progress to separate subjects at senior school. For those pupils who intend to take the Oundle entrance exam, we prepare for both a theory and a practical paper.