We recognise how fortunate we are at Laxton Junior School and we see it as our duty to help others in need. Through a range of channels we support local, national and international charitable causes.

Each year, as part of our Harvest celebrations, children donate non-perishable food items to a local food bank.  Children are encouraged to give and the emphasis is placed on helping others. We support the Poppy Appeal annually and money raised goes towards supporting the work of the Royal British Legion, raising funds for essential welfare work for Servicemen and women, veterans, and their families. Each year we support the Children in Need’s vision to enable every child in the UK to have a childhood which is safe, happy and secure and allows them the chance to reach their potential.

Our children are proactive and some become so socially aware that they willingly want to organise a child led Charity Event. Children from across KS2 are able to put in a request to organise a charity event in school. The children, with the support of adults, choose a charity, plan the activities and organise the event. They develop key skills in planning and organising an event but their main focus is always to support a charity close to their hearts. The events are fun and the whole school supports them on the day.

We have a very supportive Parent’s and Friends’ Association and parents actively raise money to support the School’s chosen charity. Each year the School Council decides on a charity to support.

In addition to all of the above, we have a House system at LJS and each House supports a charitable cause which is decided upon in House meetings using a democratic voting system. The House works hard each year to support the chosen charity. Houses keep their charity as a focus for the year and cake stalls are organised by House Captains in order to support each House charity. Money raised is split between the House charity, the charity chosen by the School and a small percentage is allocated to PFA funds.

At the end of every Christmas and Trinity Quarter we have special services in Oundle School Chapel and the end of service collection is split between School’s chosen charity and our local church, St Peter’s, Oundle.

The Laxton Junior School family is always looking at ways in which we can support and help others. We are proud to be part of such a caring community.