Trips and visitors are a very important part of life here at LJS. We have seen every year group head out on trips of all kinds during the Michaelmas Term, to support the learning done in the classroom, as well as welcoming visiting speakers into school. Trips and visitors are a fundamental element of our co-curricular programme and these experiences complement the academic curriculum, providing our children with opportunities to consolidate, extend and challenge their thinking and knowledge.

Our Reception children have had visits from the Fire Service, a paramedic and a PCSO, as part of their learning on people who help us. They have also been on a trip to West Lodge Farm Park at Desborough. They have got used to travelling on our school minibuses to go to the swimming pool every week and were incredibly excited to be going on a longer journey!

Year 1 have visited Egleton Nature Reserve at Rutland Water for their first Seasons Day of the academic year. They had a wonderful time learning about woodland and water birds, as well as searching for signs of autumn and winter on an unseasonably warm November day. They have also visited Bharat Hindu Temple in Peterborough as part of their learning in RE.

Year 2 have had not one but two Victorian Days! The first saw them travelling, in full Victorian attire, to Holdenby House at in Northamptonshire, where they took on the roles of servants for the day and worked very hard indeed, cleaning, cooking and polishing! The second was a Victorian school day in their own classrooms but it was all rather stricter than a 21st century day. They also visited SGSS Gurdwara in Peterborough to learn more about Sikhism, which they have been learning about in RE.

Year 3 had a very exciting residential trip to the Frontier Centre at Irthlingborough. They took part in all sorts of team building challenges and worked together to overcome fears and conquer great heights. They also visited the Cripps Library at Oundle School to have a closer look at some Greek Pottery.

Year 4 visited the WDHA Hindu Mandir in Wellingborough and enjoyed a super tour. They have been learning about the Anglo Saxons in Humanities and headed off to West Stow Anglo Saxon Village where they experienced life as Anglo Saxons 1600 years ago.

Year 5 had a tour of the Hussaini Islamic Centre in Peterborough and learned about how Muslims pray. They also visited Burghley House as part of their learning about the Tudors in Humanities. They met a variety of Tudors, including Elizabeth I and a plague doctor.

Year 6’s work on rivers in Humanities led to a field trip to the River Nene at Oundle Wharf, where they measured the velocity of the river and completed a field sketch. Did anyone get wet? That would be telling!

Ms Prasad visited at the beginning of November and led a whole school assembly before running Hinduism workshops with children from Reception, Year 1 and Year 4. It was the perfect way to kick start the Diwali Celebrations and we were thrilled that some of the children in our community shared their experiences too.

Our Anti-Bullying Week workshops with Open View Education went down a storm and it was super to have our visitors working with a range of year groups.

Last but not least, Year 6 had the most incredible opportunity when they were invited to a Question and Answer session with world renowned scientist Lord Robert Winston at Oundle Primary School. The session was organised by the OPEN Learning Partnership and the children and staff felt truly privileged to be party to such an event.

So, after a busy term of trips, visits and visitors, our question to you has to be, ‘Where shall we go today?’.