This week’s assembly themes have been relating to Care which is one of our Values. Mr Robertson, Ms Crump, Mrs Humphrey and Mrs Waterhouse have all delivered assemblies to various elements of the school community relating to this theme, with messages to support how we care for ourselves and for others.

Mr Robertson spoke about the Random Acts of… board, currently relating to Care, situated outside his office. The board invites us to choose a card and read it (or ask someone to help us to read it) and then complete the random act of care. There are a wide variety of tasks and acts such as asking someone if you can help them.

Mrs Humphrey spoke to the Infants about giving and generosity. The children agreed that generosity is not just about money; it is perfectly possible to be generous with your time or actions. Helping other people is a wonderful way to show generosity!

Mrs Waterhouse shared one of her favourite books – ‘The Shape Game’ by Anthony Browne. In the book, the family go to an art gallery for mum’s birthday treat and she gives them the gift of happiness, as she shares her love of art. The clever illustrations show how the family become bright and colourful as their enjoyment increases and their happiness levels rise. We talked about what makes us feel happy and met the challenge of thinking of 10 things.

Ms Crump’s message was to pass on happiness and positivity and we all agreed that was a superb idea!

So, what makes you happy?