Over the past few weeks Year 4 pupils at Laxton Junior School have been learning about the science behind keeping warm. To support their learning and put their theories to the test pupils were taken to Snozone in Milton Keynes.

Whilst enduring temperatures of -5 the children added and subtracted various layers of clothing to try and keep warm. They quickly arrived at their decision that plenty of layers provide an effective form of insulation and that padded gloves and snowboots far exceed the benefits of woolly gloves and traditional wellies.

Whilst at Snozone the pupils also enjoyed a presentation on snow and how technology in the building keeps the snow as snow and not water. The presentation supported their current learning about temperature which they are studying in class.

Once suitably attired the pupils headed out on to the pristine white slopes and enjoyed lots of sledging and team snow sports and activities.

Mrs Hamilton-Charlton, a Laxton Junior School teacher said, ‘the children had a wonderful time and learnt so much about a significant part of their science curriculum.’