On Thursday 4th May our Reception children enjoyed an exciting visit from Pirate Ron. Who regaled them with stories about pirates and their antics which occasionally left them hysterical with laughter!

Year One joined in to see the pirate puppet show. The story was fabulous and the children met Billy Bucket and Mr Mop who were on a ship with Captain Dashing. The evil pirate skeleton Pirate Bones had stolen Princess Violet’s treasure and Captain Dashing wanted to help her find it. As Pirate Bones rushed away from the ship, he had dropped it and it was swallowed by a shark! Luckily Pirate Ron caught the shark with his fishing rod so the treasure was returned to the Princess.

In the afternoon the children welcomed family members to support our puppet making workshop as pirate, princess and shark puppets were brought to life with card, colours, sparkly bits and lots of glue. It was lovely to see the children communicating their creative ideas with their loved ones.