This week has seen Years Three and Five kick off the half termly Outdoor Learning sessions in our Woodland Garden. The children and staff have loved immersing themselves in the environment, playing fun games, taking part in ‘WILD skills’ and a range of cross-curricular activities. The children were introduced to four different tools which they all used very competently to make elder beads for their friendship bracelets. Loppers were used to cut strips of elder, peelers to peel their elder, secateurs to cut their elder into beads and the ‘pokey out stick’ to take out the elder pith. Working together they knotted brightly coloured para cord together to make their bracelets. The children were thrilled with the results! Keeping warm around the lit fire helped keep spirits high too, as did sipping a warm chocolate drink with marshmallows at breaktime.

Year Three’s cross-curricular session linked up with their Humanities topic, ‘The Romans’. They dramatised the story of the Trojan Horse, using props to bring it to life. Following their performance, they made a cartoon strip on the Art Wall – brilliant fun!

Year Five had a super English session outdoors. Their focus was the ‘some; others’ sentence construction. Using the natural environment around them they wrote some amazing poems.

Both year groups are looking forward to their next Outdoor Learning sessions in early November. Well done Years Three and Five!

Mrs Emma Perkins and Mrs Heather Poole – Outdoor Learning Leads