On Tuesday 6th February, pupils enjoyed a school wide online safety day. The children had assemblies delivered to their Key Stage which focused on how to stay safe online and what to do if things go awry when they are working or playing online.

There were workshops throughout the day and Mrs McFadyen led an evening session for all parents entitled, “Your Child’s Online World: Staying Safe Together”.

The focus of the day was not to scare but to inform, helping our pupils and their parents navigate the pitfalls and the wonders that an online experience can offer. It is important to regards safety wherever we are, on the road, in our houses and around our places of work, online is another area for the same considered thought. At Laxton Junior School, we want to help our children to learn to be safe online every bit as much as we would encourage them to be safe in every other area of their young lives.

The day proved very successful and we will continue to reiterate the messages that formed part of this useful day to our pupils throughout the course of their time at school.