Pupils from Year One and Year Two delighted family and friends with a superb performance of the Christmas play ‘Lights, Camel, Action!’

Broadcast directly from Bethlehem this dazzling show celebrated the birth of Jesus and included a cast jam-packed with nativity celebrities, including innkeepers, funky camels, the disco star, angels, shepherds and sheep who tangoed, balleted and Morris danced in order to wow the judges. The audience were also treated to a wonderful song led by Joseph. Performing for three judges, Caesar, the innkeeper’s wife and the donkey, each act was scored on its artistic flair and the retelling of its role in this traditional story of the birth of Jesus.

Head, Mr Robertson commented, “Once again, our children and staff have raised the bar and produced a show that soared beyond our expectations; our young, talented performers sang, danced and acted their hearts out, and had the audience of families and special guests captivated throughout. As a school, we could not be prouder of their efforts as they have shown that, even when you are 5, 6 and 7 years old, you can still dazzle on the big stage!”

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