On Tuesday 28th February Year Six pupils from Laxton Junior School visited Oundle School’s new and impressive SciTec facility. Mr Peverley, Head of Chemistry at Oundle School, performed a variety of exciting demonstrations. The pupils were enthralled and keenly observed what could be mistaken for magic, as a riotous range of colours appeared from perfectly innocuous-looking liquids! They were also kept on their toes by a large bang that he conjured from a mixture of gases burning explosively in a Pringles tin!

After the demonstrations it was the pupils’ turn to switch on the Bunsen burners and to heat hydrated copper oxide, which turned from blue to white adding water to turn it back to blue again.

The pupils had a fabulous time and were inspired by Mr Peverley’s obvious passion for the subject as he told them stories about early scientists finding new elements bringing a sense of order to the world. They were also very excited to perform their own experiments using all of the lab equipment, especially the Bunsen burners!

The use of SciTec’s facilities enhances the science curriculum at Laxton Junior School and aids learning by demonstrating a range of chemical reactions. Laxton Junior School teacher Mrs Pearson commented, ‘our visit to SciTec perfectly complemented pupils’ learning in our current Science topic, ‘Reversible and Irreversible Changes’. Mr Peverley put on a wonderful show for us, and the children left full of enthusiasm for Chemistry.’