Year Three pupils at Laxton Junior School have recently enjoyed focusing on the artistic technique of photography for this year’s Art Day. The day was split into three sessions. Firstly the children learnt the key photography skills; ‘focusing’ and ‘fill the frame’. To practice these skills the pupils used iPads to take photos of their hands before converting the images to black and white.

The second session took the children outside to stimulate further creativity whilst putting their newly learnt skills to practice. Working in pairs pupils had to produce and put forward their best two images for each challenge.

The final challenge unleashed perhaps the most delight as pupils learnt about ‘Forced Perspective’ photography. The pupils were tasked with tricking the eye into believing something strange had happened. Teacher and Art Subject Leader Mrs Sarah Ashby commented, ‘The children had some amazing ideas; they truly see the world in a different way to adults! It was fantastic and supported our Art curriculum through encouraging the development of creative thought. There were some incredible results’.