Throughout the pandemic, we have developed and maintained a detailed Covid-19 operating framework and associated risk assessments that continue to guide our approach and ensure that our community’s health, safety and wellbeing remain our priority.

Since the last update to our documentation in April, and as per the Government’s roadmap through the easing of restrictions across England, there has been a further update to how schools can operate that was issued on 10th May in advance of the changes coming into effect on 17th May. In turn, we have updated our Covid-19 Framework to reflect our response to this change in Government guidance.

To support our community with making decisions about coming to school in different circumstances related to Covid-19, we have compiled a ‘Should You or Your Child Come to School?’ guide that outlines the steps that should be taken in the event that someone in your family or with whom you have had contact has symptoms or a positive test result. We continue to be immensely grateful to all our community for their support and adherence to the adjusted mechanisms that we have put in place to keep everyone safe and happy.

In addition, we continue to make available our Contingency Plan, and associated guides, which detail how we would ensure continuity of learning and care in the event that an individual, small group, ‘bubble’ or the whole school is required to stay at home for a period of time.

COVID-19 Framework – may 2021

Should You Come to School?

Our Contingency Plan

Our Contingency Plan, and associated guides, can be viewed and downloaded below. These detail our approach, and provide the necessary supporting information, to ensure continuity of learning and care should an individual, small group or the whole school be required to learn remotely for a period of time.


Contingency Plan 

Our Guide to Microsoft Teams

Our Guide to Remote Teaching and Learning

Our Guide to Remote Care and Wellbeing

Our Guide to Remote Safeguarding and Online Safety


Reviewed April 2021

Our Contact Details

We are always available should you need any help, advice or guidance and welcome every opportunity to provide it. Contact details for some of our school leaders can be found below:

NameTitleContact Details
Mrs Keren HatcherSchool Administratorinfo@laxtonjunior.org.uk
Mr Sam RobertsonHeadsjr@laxtonjunior.org.uk
Ms Stacey CrumpDeputy Head, Designated Safeguarding Leadsmc@laxtonjunior.org.uk
Mrs Rachel WaterhouseAssistant Head Admissions (including EYFS)rew@laxtonjunior.org.uk
Mrs Sumitha HillAssistant Head Academicsah@laxtonjunior.org.uk
Mrs Claire HendersonAssistant Head Co-Curricularach@laxtonjunior.org.uk
Mrs Jackie OrmstonAssistant Head Pastoraljo@laxtonjunior.org.uk
Miss Jennie FreemanHead of Educational Supportjsf@laxtonjunior.org.uk
Mr Fraser HarperOnline Safety Leadfh@laxtonjunior.org.uk
Miss Kerry FisherOperations Manager (including Griffin Club)griffin@laxtonjunior.org.uk



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