Unique Characters

We could not be prouder of our pupils and of the unique characters that we have the privilege of seeing develop throughout their time here at LJS.

Our children have many wonderful attributes but perhaps the most striking of all is that they are happy and in our experience, happy children embrace everything that learning has to offer.

The Right Balance

We pride ourselves in ensuring the right balance of support and challenge for every child at every level. We embrace our pupils’ natural curiosity and inquisitiveness and we strive to instil a love of learning that will stay with them for life. As a result our children feel secure in both themselves and their environment; they are confident enough to ask questions and to challenge the status quo, whilst resilient enough to accept that getting things wrong is an essential part of learning and developing.

“I look back on LJS with a great fondness. It was a friendly school with lots going on. Particular highlights for me were sports day, school trips and playing on the adventure playground in summer. The interests I developed at LJS, like playing chess and numerous sports, definitely equipped me for Oundle."
Amy, (Upper Sixth Pupil, Oundle School)

Happiness Matters

Children learn best when they are happy and content and our environment reflecting this is one of the greatest characteristics of LJS. Smiles and laughter permeate through our walls from drop off to pick up and the sound of fun resonates in every lesson and every activity. Our children love exploring new opportunities and throw themselves into School life with gusto. It is a privilege to be an intrinsic part of their development and to watch them discover new passions and talents.

Kindness and Respect

We encourage our children to be kind and polite and in turn, they reward us with good manners and a wonderfully respectful culture throughout LJS. We believe in establishing strong relationships with parents in order to help set consistent boundaries and expectations both at home and at School, forming the basis of good understanding and communication.

Preparation for the Future

We see it as our role to prepare our children for all the challenges that lie ahead in their lives, both at School and beyond. In order to do this, we help them to become:

Confident and resilient
Where a love of learning ensures challenges are embraced and obstacles are overcome

Kind and respectful
Where the development of social and emotional skills ensures all relationships are positive and caring

Open-minded and well-rounded
Where all opportunities, whether new or challenging or preferred, are embraced with enthusiasm

Collaborative and independent
Where the knowledge of how to work together, both within and beyond the School community, is balanced with a strong sense of who they are and what they can achieve as an individual

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