We focus heavily on positive ways of developing good behaviour throughout Laxton Junior School. Rewards are our first port of call for encouraging children to be kind and helpful.

We stress that we should treat others how we would like others to treat us and children receive praise from teachers when they set a good example to others. Additionally, children may be rewarded with House points. Children earn House points to contribute towards their House totals. At the end of each academic year, The Harper Cup is awarded to the House that has collected the most House points.

House points are awarded for a wide range of achievements and categorised as Pastoral, Academic, Creative Arts and Sport awards. If children show exceptional achievement in any area they are awarded a Merit; a Merit is worth three House points. Each recipient of a Merit award receives a special certificate from the Headmaster.

Every two weeks House points are collated and the top scoring child in each year group is awarded a House point Champion certificate in a whole School assembly.

It is always the aim of the school to accentuate the positive rather than focus on any negative and to use dialogue between teacher and pupil at all levels to address problems as they arise. However, we do use a system of Cautions if pupils regularly fail to meet homework expectations, if they are in breach of the school Code of Conduct or if their actions or behaviour are a cause for concern.

The Cautions system used at Laxton Junior has been developed to be fair, give opportunities for children to make the right choices, to enable children to show responsibility and to develop an understanding that inappropriate actions may have consequences. This system provides both staff and children with clear procedures for managing the behaviour of the pupils at our School. The Cautions form the foundation of the sanctions system and are designed to give pupils the opportunity to rectify their behaviour before any further sanctions need to be discussed.