At Laxton Junior School we believe that teaching and learning are intricately interrelated but we are also mindful that learning does not necessarily happen solely as a result of teaching.

Children learn so many things just by being a part of our thriving School community, all of which contributes to their academic, social, physical or moral development.

Our teachers aim to inspire confidence with a passion for, and sound knowledge of, the subject and the child’s stage of development. Teachers have clear expectations, are enthusiastic, well-organised and consistent. Learning activities are well planned, ensuring progress in the short, medium and long term. They aim to enthuse, engage and motivate children to learn and foster their curiosity and enthusiasm for learning.

Assessment informs teaching so that there is provision for support, repetition and extension of each child at each level of attainment. The learning environment is designed to promote pupil independence, inspire imagination and promote creativity whilst remaining ordered and purposeful thus children feel safe.

Last but not least, there are strong links between home and school where the importance of parental involvement in their children’s learning is recognised, valued and developed.